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Here's a few of the things that our users have to say about Gigajam.

“There can be few schools in the Southwest that can boast that every child in KS3 is learning a musical instrument — at no cost to their parents!” — Ian Wright, Tiverton High School

“One of the most rewarding aspects has been the unrivalled enthusiasm students have shown towards their lessons, and the incredible progress they have made. It really has brought out the best musical talent in every child.” — Ian Wright, Tiverton High School

“The number of children who are now learning to play instruments across the school as a whole has increased, and not just the Gigajam instruments, it has sparked a wider interest in music. Boys in particular are definitely engaged during the lessons – it has the cool factor!” — Jan Jones, Headteacher, Buckingham Primary School

“With the emphasis on playing together Gigajam fosters the building of groups within a music culture. There are very few products on the market that encourage this team building and Gigajam has led to many enjoying the results of the bands when they perform”
— Simon Elledge, Music AST Wandsworth CLC

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Case Studies

You can read many case studies on our schools site, where they are covered in more depth.

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